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The Good Doctor

Martin Blake is an English learned in the first year of residency, which is assigned to a hospital in California and wants to impress the boss Waylans residents, the nurse Theresa and colleague Dan. Ambitious, anxious and narcissistic, Martin mask their deviant behavior by good manners, but loses control when the patient develops an obsession with Diane Nixon, a teenager aged 17, who was hospitalized due to pyelonephritis. Invited to dinner by parents Diana in gratitude because it has recovered the girl, Martin Blake took the opportunity to change the recipe it without anyone noticing ill it again on the patient in order to return it to the hospital. Under the so-called his care, Diane Nixon reached on his deathbed, but Martin knows perfectly to his tracks until the nurse Jimmy comes into possession of conclusive evidence and blackmails him the doctor who steal medical supplies, poisons drugs and make a diagnosis wrong time when the criminal tendencies of men with antisocial behavior reaches its peak.

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