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The Help

“Color feelings” is a touching drama, told with humor and hope, about friendship, courage and especially the power to inspire social change.

The action takes place in Jackson, Mississippi in the ’60s. The story brings out the relationship that builds between three different women, but extraordinary, unimaginable friendship strengthened around a secret editorial project which violate social norms and submit them on three women at great risk.

Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan just graduated college and draw up a box of tips for home care in a local newspaper, aided by Aibileen, the maid of a good friend. Soon, the young journalist starts a clandestine project, inspired by the life stories of Aibileen and Minny Jackson’s, good friend, who face the same problems. Three women share their stories whispering reverses social rules of those times and exposed to the risk of being marginalized by the society in which they live.

The revelations whispered, but courageous protagonists thus becomes editorial project which underpins social change. In this way, the three characters have a voice and, while revealing social condition of black maids, a taboo for those times.

The film has an outstanding cast, Emma Stone (“Easy A”, “Zombieland”) plays the brave Skeeter, Viola Davis, double winner of the Tony Award and Academy Award nominee (for “Doubt” and “Eat, Pray, Love”) strong plays Aibileen and Minny Jackson talkative interpreted by talented actress Octavia Spencer (“Dinner for Schmucks”, “Seven Pounds”).

The film is based on the novel “The Help”, a bestseller released in 2009 and praised by critics, who remained in the Top “New York Times” the most sold books for 103 weeks. The novel is being published and we Publishing universe and appear on the market, most likely at the end of November. ”

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