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The Innkeepers

The Yankee Pedlar, a hotel in New England with a length of more than a century and with an undesirable reputation location haunted, has so few customers that the owner decides to abandon the deal and go to Florida, the last two employees named Claire Luke aiming for the weekend prior to the closing elucidate the mystery of Madeline O’Malley, a bride even Pasas fiance on their wedding day, who committed suicide in her hotel room and whose body was hidden for three days in the cellar to be avoided scandal, subsequently turning into a ghost that has not never left the place.

With only three guest whose caprices must satisfy an old nostalgic who checked into the room where he spent his honeymoon, a mother obnoxious accompanied by her son and a former television actress became a psychic, Claire and Luke start to hunt ghosts, trying to capture images or sounds bizarre to prove the legend that the hotel is haunted, especially since man started a website about restless spirits. Spiritualist Leanne Reas-Jones falls into a trance and confirms Claire that the hotel there is a ghost evil, warning her to stay out of the cellar, but the curiosity of the two employees may be subject to this ban and the consequences of their actions are unpredictable.

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