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The Kids Are All Right

Successful gynecologist Nic, and landscape architect Jules form a couple of lesbians for about 20 years and are the mothers of two teenagers named Joni and Laser, whom they designed through artificial insemination.

After Joni reaches 18 years of age and is admitted to a prestigious college, her younger brother forces her to contact the sperm bank by phone to find out their biological father’s identity. The institution’s employees call Paul and ask him if he agrees to meet his daughter, and the man is inadvertently coming into the family life of the four protagonists.

Paul works in a Los Angeles restaurant, grows organic products, runs a motorcycle, and prefers amorous adventures instead of stable relationships, which makes him confused when he personally knows his two children. Paul’s paternal feelings are suddenly awakened, just like his sexual attraction to Jules, and Nothing becomes frustrated and distrustful in her seductive capacity, begins to drink and perceives the man as a threat to the unity of their family.

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