The King’s Speech

Based on a true story, the film describes the friendship relationship that links between the King George VI and Lionel Longue, a less common speech trainer. Tired of the difficulty of articulating words, and for fear of appearing in public, George (Colin Firth) finds himself having to deal with royal duties after his brother abdicates after an unwanted marriage of royal house. The one who will help him articulate his thoughts to the nation and lead the country through the Second World War is the eccentric Lionel (Geoffrey Rush), a logoped who uses bizarre methods but with miraculous results.

The story of an extraordinary friendship, “King’s Speech” brings together a first-hand cast, and has received seven Golden Globe nominations in 2011, Colin Firth winning a Golden Globe in the “Best Actor” category, 14 BAFTA awards and 12 Best Oscar nominations for 2011, Best Supporting, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress (Helena Bonham Carter), Best Supporting Actress (Geoffrey Rush), Best Supporting Actor (Colin Firth), Best Picture Design, Best Picture, Best Costume, Best Music “,” Best Installation, “” Best Sound Mixing. ”

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