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The Oranges

Ostroff and Walling families are best friends and neighbors, living across the street from each other on Orange Drive. Daughter Nina Ostroff (Meester Laighton), returns home for Thanksgiving dinner after an absence of five years, recently separating from her fiancĂ© Ethan (Rosen) So to center the attention on his son, Toby (Brody) which would please both families, rather it captures the attention of her parents’ best friend David Walling (Laurie). When the attraction between Nina and David Walling becomes too great to ignore, the lives of the two families are thrown into a riot. However, not long before this adventure when the tree begins to affect other family members in a way unexpectedly hilarious and even positive; making everyone reassess what it means to be happy and how to find happiness, even despite their own family and friends.

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