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The Prodigies

Based on the novel “La Nuit des Enfants Rois” the French writer Bernard Lenteric, science fiction animation “The prodigies” is the action set in 2010, when a group of five teenagers with a brilliant intelligence is attacked in Central Park in New York and assaulted with extraordinary violence. Emotional trauma they suffer kids miracle that night would make them use their incredible mental abilities in evil goals, wanting to perfect their plan of revenge not only against those who attacked them, but against humanity as a whole, committed a series the perfect murder. The only one who is aware of the implications of shares of five teens is brilliant Jimbo Ferrar, himself a person with above average intelligence who can save the world as long as the fight against those like him. Jimbo decide where to go for same trench as the five teenagers angry with the world, no one will be able to prevent a disaster of apocalyptic proportions …

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