The Purge

What if one night a year you be allowed to kill without being punished, 24:00 neither police nor rescue would not work, and everything for the rest of the year to live peacefully without fear that you could be attacked? Like to have one night a year where you can unleash the beast in you that which you hate, but you’re not allowed to touch the rest of the year? Ethan Hawke in a disturbing thriller.

In an America ravaged by crime and prisons suffocated by criminals, the government decided, once a year, to engender 24:00 where any criminal activity to take place without being punished. The police will not be called. Hospitals will suspend activity. It’s a night when people adjust their disputes without fear that they will be punished. In such a night beset by violence, a family is forced to bear the consequences of the decision to let a stranger into their home game to be killed.

When a stranger enters the well fenced property of James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) Purification night, it triggers a series of events that threatens to devastate the family. Now it’s only James, his wife, Mary (Lena Headey), and his children to pass the night without turning into monsters who tried to hide now.

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