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The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Changez Khan is a young Pakistani who has completed his education at the prestigious Princeton University and was a financial analyst on Wall Street before the terrorist group Al-Qaeda to so many families bereaved North America on 11 September 2001. With a brilliant future Changez is also planning the wedding with beautiful and sophisticated Erica, but the attitude of north Americans towards him changes radically after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and is forced to return to Pakistan hometown because Arab names and olive-colored to skin automatically makes him a suspect in the US.

Back in Lahore, Changez Khan a post of lecturer at a local university, but fears for family’s safety department because a colleague has just been kidnapped by extremists and threatened with execution. Aware that could become the next victim of radicals in Pakistan, especially since his family is harassed and is in real danger, Changez meets in a cafĂ© with journalist Bobby Lincoln and tells his life story. Only Bobby Lincoln is in tension with the CIA and has a hidden interest in the political crisis.

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