The Saint

I’ve seen some of the two episodes of the original series, which at the time of the broadcast was made first of all due to Roger Moore’s exceptional charisma, now that the episodes seemed terribly naive like the Fantomas or His gendarmes by Funes. I was interested in the latest version of Simon Templar’s latest version because she proposes Sir Moore’s last appearance on the screen, of course it’s a single sequence in which the former Saint of the 1960s is an evil character pulling the strings out of the shadows . Interestingly, the main negative is played by Ian Ogilvy, another Simon Templar protagonist of the series “The Return of the Saint” in the late 1970s. If Ogilvy ever brought along with Moore, the newest Simon Templar looks more like … Serban Pavlu in the Shadows. The rest for an hour and a half of the train without any claim plus a beauty called Eliza Dushku.

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