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The Sessions

Mark O’Brien contracted polio at age 6 and spine was deformed in a way so grotesque that remained bedridden man. Having difficulty breathing, Mark is forced to spend most of the day locked in a medical device that artificially ventilated, posiblilitatea reason not to use their intelligence and sensitivity to woo women.

When I proposed to write an article about sex and physically disabled, Mark decides to lose her virginity at the age of 38 years and enlists the aid of a therapist specializing in sexual problems Cheryl Cohen Greene named. Being a religious man, Mark asks permission to have sex outside of marriage, the priest Brendan and begin the six therapy sessions with Cheryl, during which it learned how to maintain an erection, how to prolong intercourse and how to enjoy erotic pleasures that people with disabilities are part naturally.

Father Brendan Council, which confesses and gives compassion and tolerance in relation to his parishioners, Mark experiencing an awakening of the senses and an intense desire to love and be loved, clinging intolerably than Cheryl who is married to Josh.

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