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The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water (2017) is a story of another nature, located on the backdrop of the Cold War in America, around 1963.

In 1963, in a high-security government secret laboratory, the lonely Elisa is caught in a life of silence and isolation. Elisa is a mute employee who is in charge of cleaning up a governmental structure hiding secret laboratories. Soon, the life of young Elisa is changing forever when she and her colleague Zelda discover a secretly rated experiment. In a water reservoir, he lives a unique mysterious being: a genuine natural anomaly, an amphibious man, who lives imprisoned and is the victim of many experiments. Gradually, Elisa begins to feel sympathy for this strange being, and a strong connection is established between the two. Beyond the words, she feels that he is the only one who sees her as she is, and she decides to release him. But the real world is not a safe place for a man with these characteristics. What will be the outcome?

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