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The Thompsons

The Thompsons is the continuation of The Hamiltons, an older production and about the lives of vampires, well received by critics at the time. The Thompsons start narrated by an individual trapped in a coșciug, trying desperately to break free. Francis, in the person of îngropatului, presents the easy story of his family, The Thompsons, a family of vampires

. Remaining without parents, siblings, Francis, Thompson Twins, David and Darlene Wendel and youngest son Lenny, former Hamilton, traveling through the States trying to hold the family together, and to manifest as normal and human in front of others. All their maneuvers are put to the test when tragedy hit them during a trip by car. A robbery at a gas station gives them empty their identity, because the brothers cannot refrain to restrain not thieves with fangs, and both cameras are waiting for …

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