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The Treatment – De Behandeling

Police Inspector Nick Cafmeyer seems to have everything you would want one man is handsome, smart and has a good career prospects. However, a dark shadow follows him incessantly, putting its mark on life and on its relationships. From the age of nine, where Nick was haunted by the unsolved disappearance of his younger brother, Bjorn. Based on the testimony of Nick, Plettinckx, their neighbor, who was a known criminal, he was questioned, but soon was released for lack of evidence. After so many years, Plettinckx still alive and has a sick pleasure to harass him Nick. The only person who knows about traumatic drama of Nick Danni, his boss. She hesitated to send inspector to investigate a disturbing case: a couple was held captive three days of an intruder who disappeared kidnapping him their son Robin, a child aged nine. But Nick will start looking villain, turning in a relentless hunter who is unstoppable in the decision to go all the way to catch him bastard.

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