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The Vow

What if, suddenly, lover would not recognize?

Paige (Rachel McAdams interpreted) and Leo (played by Channing Tatum) are married and madly in love. Both are successful artists in Chicago. One night with thick snow, the two are victims of a car accident. Leo escaped unharmed, but Paige has brain damage that his memory erased all memories of the relationship with her husband. Out of the coma, Leo is a stranger to her.

Suddenly, Leo finds himself in a position to take over again relationship that had dreamed all his life and to regain his wife’s heart. After head injury, Paige is believed five years ago when he was a student at Law, before Leo knows. His present life is completely foreign. Do not understand why his parents are away (played by Jessica Lange and Sam Neill), lacks wardrobe “conservative” and sees no reason why it should be abandoned and promising college career as a lawyer. To make matters worse, Paige is believed still engaged to businessman Jeremy (played by Scott Speedman), and Leo refuses relationship with his lifestyle and unconventional, as it would never be loved.

How Paige’s recovery and return seems an impossible memory, Leo is awestruck – that has forever lost the great love of his life. Refusing to give up, he decides to take everything over again and courting Paige as hardly would have known, in the hope that it will again fall in love with him. Thus, Leo will go through a hard test, during which you understand exactly the meaning of love, honesty and marriage oath.

Screen Gems and Spyglass Entertainment present the film The Vow / Oath, production Birnbaum / Barber, directed by Michael Sucsy. The screenplay is done by Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein and Jason Katims. The filmmakers are: Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber, Jonathan Glickman and Paul Taublieb and J. Miles Dale executive producer, Austin Hearst and Susan Cooper.

Co-producers are Cassidy Lange and Rebekah Rudd. Rogier Stoffers photography is, production designer Kalina Ivanov and montage of Nancy Richardson and Melissa Kent. Costume Designer Alex Kavanagh. The soundtrack is composed by Rachel Portman and Michael Brook and music supervision is by Randall Poster signed.

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