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Titeuf, le film

Titeuf is a national treasure in France, where his comic strips are immensely popular. Titeuf’s childlike vision of the adult world is made of equal parts naïve and pre-adolescent rebellion. Now get on the big screen, marking the debut fiction author and graphic novelist Zep (Philippe Chappuis pseudonym), who here adapts his own material.

Titeuf do slalom between moments spent with his grandmother in the countryside, and conferencing sessions with psychiatrist in the schoolyard. Imagination will lead to prehistoric times, in the far west, where it will meet an old adventurer who strangely resembles Johnny Hallyday. But the key issue is why did not he invited Nadia on her. How can this be? How could he forget him, given his attitude well-studied, super-seductive they adopt whenever they meet?

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