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What connection can there be between a maniacal cleanliness, a taxi driver obsessed with calculations, a young man who moves jumping off a piece of furniture to another, a fanatical control, a young woman who repeated each phrase twice and an individual has outputs verbal gestures sudden?

Ricard Regua, Catalan director who mounted the first Broadway musical type in Romania, musical Chicago, returns to Bucharest to convert TOC TOC, an irresistible comedy of the XXI century, a contemporary classic jokes that succeed one after another into an increasing pace and that scream from start to finish!

Six characters with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) meet in the waiting room of a renowned psychiatrist to solve their problems. But late psychiatrist and apparently will fail to reach the cabinet. However, the meeting takes place and patients trying to solve their problems among themselves.

6 characters of interaction between triggers a cascade of true comic situations that involve hall bursts of laughter.

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