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Paul Maguire (Nicolas Cage) leads a life of offender along with his companions, Kane (Max Ryan) and Doherty (Michael McGrady), until one night he steals money to a Russian mobster who’s coming your way just when she went to his boss to take them some money. The catch is too great to leave them indifferent, so choose to run away with the money. Maguire leaves with a bag containing the money and a gun Tokarev. But his gesture triggers a full-fledged war between their family of Irish criminals and Russian mafia. Paul instructs two friends to stay hidden until it calms Handcrafts and will then divide brotherly money. Seventeen years later, Paul has a legitimate business in an ambitious woman married construction, Vanessa (Rachel Nichols), and his daughter is a devoted teenage girl, Caitlin (Aubrey Peeples).

One evening, when Paul is out with Vanessa, the detective who once harassed him coming to give him terrible news: Caitlin was abducted. Paul gathered his friends and start a search on their own, being sure who kidnapped Caitlin is Russian mobster whose money had stolen years ago. Vanessa, who initially supports him, begins to fear that Paul will again become cold-blooded killer who had once been. Or maybe Paul was always a violent man who has never really left behind criminal life …

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