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Tomie: Anrimiteddo

Tsukiko is a member of the high school photography club. On her way home with her friend Kae, Tsukiko meets with her older sister, Tomie, who taught at the same school with her. Tomie is with Toshio – a boy who is in love secretly Tsukiko. Tsukiko is consumed by jealousy terrible that feels for her sister, but Tomie trying to reassure her, telling her he knows what she feels. The moment Tsukiko turns to her older sister, it is crushed by a metal framework.

A year later, Tsukiko still has nightmares about her sister’s death. At its anniversary of 18 years, before she blew out the candles, she hears a knock at the door. Her parents threshold appears open and Tomie. Everyone is thrilled to tears … but Tsukiko is terrified. Her nightmare has just been turned into reality.

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