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Tooth Fairy 2

In this sequel, who will become the “Tooth Fairy” is clumsy and plump Larry Guthrie. This is elated when participating in a raffle “arranged” whose prize is a superb car, sees nearly winner, having just passed a test of bowling to take possession of the car.

Beauregard Bilings raffle organizer is a false and unscrupulous guy has his eye on the beautiful Brooke’s friend Larry. Clumsiness counting on Larry Beauregard is quiet in the award. But to the surprise of all participants, Larry makes a nice bowling incredible car that wins.

Instead, all then, losing Brooke as not complied with a promise. Beauregard advantage of the situation and is Brooke’s boyfriend. Larry now charging hard to regain his former girlfriend heart. It offers to replace the activities with the children where it works, but here the spoils everything, proving to be a real disaster. When he returns, Brooke is met by a child crying because he no longer believes in “Tooth Fairy” because he told Larry that it does not exist.

Since then, Larry sees wore a fairy tale world where it is transformed into fairy as punishment, with the task to collect 10 teeth in children. If opposes or does not succeed, it threatened to be erased from my mind the best of his recollection. How Larry will bring to an end, with its new mission and whether it will regain Brooke, now depends only he …

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