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Tower Heist

Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy star in this comedy about a mere employees to luxurious apartments with a plan to take revenge on a billionaire on Wall Street swindler who stole their pension fund.

For more than 10 years, Josh Kovacs (Stiller) is the manager of one of the most luxurious housing complexes in New York City. Maniac supervision of employees, and not only does not miss anything that’s happening there. In most opulent apartment on the top floor of the building is Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda), a finance mogul, now under house arrest after being caught stealing two billion from that of the investors’ money.

Those hardest hit by the scam are obviously complex employees who have left the hands of their pension fund administration. Within days Arthur may disappear and get away with clean hands in what he considers to be “the perfect crime”. So it’s haste for employees to implement their grand plan: they want to steal what they are sure to be hiding in the apartment of Arthur, namely … their money. Not professional thieves, they need one who knows though. But the one that I find just a throwaway swindler – Slide (Murphy). Although amateur in the robbery, employees are, however, very good at something: the building known as pocket.

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