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Spouses Kyle and Sarah Miller are the owners of a villa located in a residential quarter of the city, drive luxury cars and safe inside the home filled with money and diamonds, so who value safety and invested in modern security systems.
Exasperated by the behavior of rebellious and insolent daughter teenager called Avery wife influential businessman deals and overseeing the renovation of the property, the look being and attracted Jonah Collins, one of the workers Sexy has the nerve to swim in their. Only heartthrob Jonah is not as innocent as it seems and inform on his older brother Elias richness that is Lafa Miller family, the two criminals teaming with two women in their entourage, giving naval force in a night villa’s Kyle and Sarah, taking them hostage three residents and threatening them with death if they do not open the safe.
Although fears for the life of his wife and daughter, Kyle decides not to succumb to the brutality of thieves and not reveal the combination that unlocks the vault door, taking a stand against criminals who have taken over the house. Sarah only trust in them is questioned when Kyle Elias suggests that his beautiful wife would be wrong with Jonah.

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