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Truth or Dare

The film presents the experience of going through four. Chris Paul, Gemma and Eleanor are the “salt and pepper” all the parties involved, only one party has an effect for some fun and a pretty destructive to others.

That is, forced to play “truth or dare”, Felix reveals his feelings that the public has for Gemma. This is not pleasing to Chris friend Gemma and this feeling hit egocentrism, grants a correction shy Felix, leading to the breakup of Gemma and Chris. As time heals them all, things seem normal in scale, over a time only four are invited to a birthday party – just Felix’s party. The four, albeit a little embarrassed by the moment of seeing, are nevertheless happy that they drink for free and will have a great time.

Only just now beginning real surprises for our heroes. They are directed to the party in the woods on a dirt road to a cottage where there is no end in sight fun, much less the celebrated Felix. Well, now comes the “party” that will reveal things really shocking.

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