Turbo is a snail who dreams of becoming the greatest racer in the world. His obsession for speed made him an oddity and a pariah in the community snails, which are slow and cautious by nature.

Turbo desperately wants to escape the slow life he leads. I offered this chance after a bizarre accident, after which acquires the ability to achieve incredible speeds. Turbo, now endowed with extraordinary rapidity, starts at a tremendous way, desiring to achieve the impossible: to compete against the best drivers in the Indianapolis 500.

Together with his team is dedicated Turbo Snail racing – a motley group of snails adrenaline addicts and bad mouth with shells that look like miniature racing cars street. Turbo is the prototype outsider who achieve the impossible by refusing to let their limitations stand in the way of his dreams.

By their very nature, dreams are bizarre and impressive. But few dreams are so unusual as that of the hero of the TURBO, the new 3D adventure presented by DreamWorks animation studio.

It’s an exciting story about an ordinary garden snail that is downright amazing goal of becoming a world-class racing champion.
Walking the snail’s pace shows no interest in this tough and adventurous creature who is determined to go faster, at any price. Turbo their fantasies into reality in a fun and exciting film that inspires you. The film, directed by David Soren, demonstrates that for those who dare to dream, the world can be a source of pleasure, inspiration and fulfillment.

POWER OF DREAMS bold: story encourages us to aim for STARS

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