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Vacanze di Natale a Cortina

Vacanze di Natale Cortina tells the stories of the different characters, some rich, refined and elegant, others are vulgar, crude and funny, who spend their Christmas holidays in Cortina.

Roberto and Elena Covell, he a lawyer always in love with younger women, she always wife betrayed with their daughters Julia – married to Valerio, a bourgeois boring and Cristiana – a young woman of only 15 years old caught in a love born of page facebook, Lando, a driver employed by registered engineer Brigatti, a manager unscrupulous Brunella and Wanda, two sisters who have a small kiosk in Bergamo and are married to Massimo and Andrea, Billo, a pianist poor sailing Casanova Ivana, his former girlfriend now married to a rich man.

The stories of these characters more or less humorously intersect and give rise to misunderstandings fun, trouble, loves and betrayals that are the delight of the Italian comedy.

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