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Venuto al mondo

Gemma leaves the comfortable apartment he occupies in Rome to travel to Sarajevo in the company of his son Pietro and visit an exhibition commemorating the victims of the Bosnian war, including her husband Diego. 16 years ago, Gemma managed to flee with her son in the Bosnian town under the longest siege in history, but Diego stayed behind and was killed, the woman proposing to make this journey not only to restore tense relationship with Pietro, but also to face the painful memories of the past.

Gemma met Diego in the ’80s, when he was a student and was visiting Sarajevo, having overcome a lot of obstacles, the two young pasioanală living a love story and finding happiness for a short period each other’s arms. Although desperately wanted children, Gemma was sterile, so he pushed the young and beautiful musician Aska in his bed Diego to a use it as a surrogate, only to be later torn by jealousy and feelings of guilt. The revelation of what awaits Gemma in Sarajevo will force a loss to understand the proportions that has suffered, real horrors of war and the healing power of love.

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