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The film’s title indicates Venue of action: Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo – an area of ​​outstanding biodiversity, UNESCO and protected habitat of rare species such as the mountain gorilla.

The discovery of oil deposits in Lake Edward attract arrival company SOCO International, even if drilling in the park is illegal. The Company’s shares are part of a broader spectrum of agendas conflict that intersect around Virunga park: the illegalities committed by subcontractors SOCO, some of them former mercenaries, violence braconieilor who kill elephants and gorillas park, the militia rebel will percent of profits from oil exploitation, and foresters determined to protect at all costs the life of gorillas.

Von Einsiedel exceptional documentary signed a thriller runs the emergency activist gravity afforded by political and economic context around the Virunga park, drawing attention to how the contemporary context is added volatility tradition of violence and colonial history of Congo. Meanwhile, world polarized interest gorillas / petrol described Virunga is just a case selected from a wider contexts of violent injustice that persists in other parts of the world where vulnerable communities are located in areas with natural riches.

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