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After he left home for 14 years and served as a Marine, the youngest Tommy Riordan returns to Pittsburgh and aims to re-enter the competitions mixed martial arts, praying his father, Paddy Conlon, to train for to win “Sparta” and the biggest prize ever put into play in the history of the sport.

Brendan Conlon, the older brother of Tommy, was champion in mixed martial arts in the past and withdrew from competitions like when she married and became the father of two children, engaging as a teacher in a public school, but salary extremely small does not allow him to pay off the mortgage and to support his family, which is why decide to come back in the ring and fight for the substantial prize money.

The two estranged brothers still resent one another because of painful memories and have difficulties to forgive their father for having a penchant for alcohol and family broke when they were children, but that ‘s tough competition Tommy enrolled confrontation with Brendan occasions in the ring and blood relatives must put aside family conflicts and make peace with the past.

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