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We’re the Millers

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is a petty drug dealer who earn their living by selling grass businessmen and bored housewives, but never children. So what could go wrong? Many. Learn how difficult it can not be that no good deed goes unpunished not. When trying to help some teenagers, it is robbed by three guys who steals all the money and all the goods, leaving him indebted to his distributor, Brad (Ed Helms).

To get rid of debt and save his life, David must now enter the country from Mexico, a large amount of marijuana. Therefore, thinks of a plan infallible and force their neighbors to play the game freaks. The cynical stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston), rebel Casey (Emma Roberts) and shy Kenny (Will Poulter) are false family of David. With a wife, two children and a huge caravan, new Miller family, headed by David, is heading towards the border to celebrate National Day in an unpredictable weekend abroad.

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