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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

The third part of the series of documentary “Zeitgeist” offers a case of social and economic transition current monetary paradigm which governs society society worldwide. The film proposes essentially a social design new called “resource-based economy”, which is intended to be a replacement of the current monetary system based on profit, competition and debt perpetual, which is responsible for the problems we face today: political corruption, poverty, disease, crime, unemployment, war, violence, environmental pollution, exploitation of man by man and others.

The three central themes of the film include Human Behavior, Monetary Economics and application of scientific methods of social system. Putting together these themes creates a practical model for understanding the paradigm of current society of what is essential and urgent transition to a resource-based economy, with a new approach to socio-humanistic and new ways of thinking that would solve the problems they facing the world today.

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