A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Before I start commenting on the film, I would like to say that: Based on a national survey, Reader’s Digest has pulled out the names of the 100 trusted people in America. Following this poll, the Cast Away actor was crowned the most trusted American! Tom Hanks earned the highest score of 65%, which honored him as the most trusted man in America.
When you meet a man who cares about his peers, a man who really listens to what you have to say and makes him disinterested, who asks you about the name of the consort and then remembers it, that man is a rarity and must be admired and respected. Also the title of his article: Can you say hero? It’s basically a quintessence of the film. The hero is also the one who knows how to get involved in the life of his neighbor, without disturbing or imposing, in order to help him find his peace, the calm serenity of his daily life.
The movie is watchable and worth the time allotted, even if at first prejudice (ah! Now will the whole movie play?) Or the action starts slower. But it is not an Oscar movie – in fact it has not been nominated – nor is Hanks’ role to be remembered. He deserves a 3rd Oscar for Cast Away, now the nomination seems to me … kind.

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