In New York, on a stormy night, a mysterious object falls from the sky, breaking the window of an apartment in an old building. It is an egg, from which a small spider will emerge…

The creature is discovered by Charlotte, a rebellious 12-year-old child obsessed with comics. Charlotte is quite lonely, despite her stepfather Ethan’s attempts to communicate through the comic book they’re working on together. Ethan and the girl’s mother focus mostly on their new baby, so the girl ends up devoting her time to her new boyfriend, Sting, whose existence she keeps a secret.

Charlotte’s fascination with Sting grows, and so does the size of the creature, which becomes a bloodthirsty monster. The neighbors’ pets mysteriously disappear one by one, and then the neighbors start disappearing as well. Soon Charlotte’s family and some eccentric characters in the building realize that they have become the prisoners of a giant arachnid that feeds on human flesh…and Charlotte is the only one who knows how to stop the carnage.

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