A summer story about insecurity and unfulfilled promises of love, appearances and prejudices, loss and rediscovery in a group of friends vacationing by the Baltic Sea, while the forest around them burns.

Leon (Thomas Schubert) and Felix (Langston Uibel) plan to spend the summer at Felix’s family’s vacation home in the woods on the Baltic Sea coast. The two friends want to work, one on his second novel, the other on completing his artistic portfolio. But the two’s vacation takes an unexpected turn: the house is already occupied by the mysterious Nadja (Paula Beer) and her lifeguard lover, Devid (Enno Trebs). The four’s emotions flare up like the wildfires around them. Happiness, lust for life and love, but also jealousies, resentments and tensions. Meanwhile the forests are burning. And before long, the flames are there.

In the heat of fire won the Grand Jury Prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2023.

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