All the Bright Places

Disturbed by the death of her sister, the introvert Violet Markey (Elle Fanning) rediscovers the joy of living when she meets the eccentric and unpredictable Theodore Finch (Justice Smith). Based on the international bestseller by author Jennifer Niven.

This movie is totally wrong. You manage to save the life of a girl who wanted to kill herself, you make her fall in love with you, you shoot her … after which you put your feet in her person and you give yourself as a victim with mental problems because you were beaten by your parent when you were little, molested maybe. Painful, sad, I understand. After that you kill yourself. Wow!

In other words, I’m saving you from suicide because you’re a good blonde and I’m going to fuck you and then kill myself because I actually have head problems.
What should parents who are abused by their parents understand from this movie? To kill yourself in this situation is the key. Give up life, therapy, your girlfriend, your sister and disappear, sick man. Throw yourself into the river and you’re done, right?

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