Anyone But You

After a very successful first date, the attraction between Bea and Ben fades. The two then unexpectedly meet again at a wedding in Australia, where they will do what any normal human would do: act like they are a couple.

The film has nothing to offer when Sweeney or Powell do not appear on the screen, we are dealing with a failed atmospheric production, where the secondary actors remain one-dimensional and do not behave naturally, with some embarrassing lines, they practically overlap their roles, trying trying their best to do something funny without much support from the background cast.

Romantic comedies only stand a chance when the secondary characters are interesting, and the world in which the love story takes place is developed beyond a basic outline. The mainstays of the production rest on Powell’s abs and Sweeney’s breasts, which is insufficient even for a picturesque basecony like “I Love to Hate You.” The director refuses to create a compelling narrative around the two characters, and this leads to both Bea and Ben acting like narcissistic, childish idiots in a script full of deadpan jokes, which makes it quite hard to sympathize with someone. They are two well-groomed actors appearing in an advertisement to promote Australian tourism.

It’s a long fashion show where the two actors show off their well-sculpted body shapes. The director tries to win our hearts through artificial methods with the help of photogenic stars.

Sydney Sweeney needs to get out of the hot bomb zone and follow in the footsteps of a Margot Robbie, lest she fall into the Alexandra Daddario zone and only be kept afloat by her natural lifeline.

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