2038: George Almore works on an artificial intelligence that should break the barrier between man and robot. Its latest prototype is almost ready, in the last and most risky stage. Especially since George has a purpose he must keep hidden at all costs: reuniting with his dead wife.

A brilliant film with a fabulous twist, the end being an incredible reversal not of the situation but of the film as a whole. I don’t divulge anything, you have to see it calmly, until the end … .he was there, .not she … she was beyond him and …

I watched it twice … in 3 days and the first time I didn’t understand the end, I found it disappointing but at the 2nd viewing you already notice things you didn’t notice the first time, details in the film not initially noticed but knowing the end , put the story in a different way and at the end … boom …. in a few seconds everything overflows and cancels everything … I would like a continuation of this masterpiece!

As a tip … if you don’t understand the end, search the net at Archive ending explained and you will find it like this. It is perhaps the best SF lately, over ExMachina or Replicas or any other movie with AI robots like this.
Don’t expect explosions, colored lasers or spaceships, as one user rightly noted here, it’s a psychological SF about love, guilt and chance a2a, the desire to remedy in one way or another, to recover what what you lost … if you’re … real.

I stop here, I recommend 100% and I also say that the actors played excellently and the soundtrack was also insane, a dizzying combination of Vangelis + JeanMJ.

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