Arctic Dogs

The film follows a group of inexperienced heroes who join forces to counter the evil Von Walrus and save the Arctic. Swifty, a polar fox, is working in the Arctic Blast delivery department, but he dreams of one day becoming a top dog, as the famous husky couriers of the Arctic. To prove himself worthy of the role of the top dog, Swifty secretly orders a sled and delivers a package to a mysterious location. But he is hampered by a secret fortress where he meets Otto Von Walrus, an evil genius who moves with mechanical feet and leads a loyal penguin army. Soon, Swifty discovers Von Walrus’s plan to melt the ice caps and flood the world to reign supreme. Now, Swifty has to get the help of his friends: PB, a polar preoccupied bear, Lemmy, a albatross, Bertha and Leopold, two otters passionate about conspiracy theories, and Jade, a common fox. This group of Arctic heroes must unite to stop Von Walrus’s sinister plans.

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