Avatar: The Way of Water

A few years after the battle with Earthlings, the aliens on Pandora continue their peaceful lives. Jake Sully lives happily in his new body with his girlfriend. But the happiness of those on Pandora is about to be destroyed by a new threat. North is the leader of a clan of unknown aliens who call themselves “Venusians”. They slowly begin to wreak havoc on Pandora, and Jake realizes that he must take action against the space beasts. An epic battle awaits the inhabitants of Pandora in which Jake will have to risk everything, maybe even his own life.
Pluses for Avatar 2 would be the direction also signed by the famous James Cameron and the main roles (Neytiri and Jake Sully) performed as in Avatar (2009) also by Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington. It is good that there will be continuity in terms of the director and the main actors. In any case, I don’t think it will have the mega-success of the first part, but in the end it remains to be seen.

I think that the producers and director James Cameron want this production to look perfect even in the smallest details. This would be a possible explanation for the postponement of production. There will be intense work. Behind this production is an entire film industry. I think that in the end it will be the result of the work of several hundred people involved: Producers, director, screenwriter/s, scenographers, sound engineers, the visual effects team (who will have a difficult word to say), cameramen, make-up artists, stylists, extras, stuntmen (if necessary), etc. (as I said, an entire film industry)

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