Black and Blue

Alicia West is a freshman in New Orleans Police. After a troubled childhood he joined the army and after 2 rounds in Afghanistan he returned to his hometown and joined the police. One night, taking her partner’s place, she catches the murder of a drug dealer on her body camera. She quickly realizes that the criminals are corrupt narcotics cops and their accomplices are both her partner that night and her daily partner and many other police officers. All of them will follow in her footsteps, with the sole purpose of recovering the filming that incriminates them. Following her, the police throw the members of a local gang into the game, the young man killed being the nephew of the gang leader. Surrounded by unknown threats and unable to trust the police, Alicia allies with a friend in her neighborhood to find a way out and save her life.

A successful film that comes to the surface among those in this category. The script is well cohesive and true, which you can’t say about many of the movies in this line, and Naomie Harris plays well. Instead, Tyrese Gibson has and does a “tired” role here, she could have had a much more solid score that would have been a win for the film. All in all, we have a movie that you won’t regret seeing, which I can’t say about most movies in the field.

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