Based on real events, Bombshell is the story of several women who decide to confront Roger Ailes, the former CEO of Fox News USA, publicly accusing him of sexual harassment and maintaining a hostile atmosphere towards women in Fox News offices.

Although the three protagonists are blond and beautiful as Barbie dolls, Bombshell – now on the big screen for the first time – is a movie about real people on a very serious topic: sexual harassment. Three women are fighting not necessarily the system, but an unwritten law of corporate submission and the taboo of not suing your boss (or former boss), whose real events are inspired by very recent history : 2016, the film tangentially hitting the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Three beautiful women, from different generations, glued to the news screen, two of them presenters (“news anchors”, as described in the film), the third presenter in the making, have a choice between accepting humiliation and abuse of for the sake of the career and the unmasking of a company president who was brilliant in his profession, but perverse and well-known, with the risk of being removed from the branch for “lack of loyalty”. Their decision will be a precedent: for the first time the voices of abused or harassed women in the workplace have led to the fall of such a powerful character: because the negative character, as real as possible, was dismissed shortly and subjected to public outrage. . He was to live only one year, until 2017.

If sexual harassment by the big boss is part of the problem, the other contemporary problem that the film manages to capture is mobbing – harassment by colleagues or forcing them to take illicit actions, often at the instigation of the boss.

Roger Ailes, as – probably – and in real life, did not abuse his employees in the face of a general animosity: he used small gestures of generosity, the picture in the sea, he asked his employees to defend him in the face of alleged injustices (we see the same gestures today to some doctors in Romania), asks them to give testimonials about his good behavior and, above all, instigates some against others. This real phenomenon is well surprised: at least as long as he is in a position of power, Ailes is flattered by his subordinates, which makes the heroine’s effort to hold him accountable.

Bombshell is not just a feminist movie and so much about female empowerment. Our heroines do not stomp on motorcycles, nor do they shoot with a weapon. Rather, these heroines – family members with children or women who go to church – are the voices who know how to claim their rights. And who, through their courage, get the dignity that all women deserve.

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