Boze Cialo

Daniel is 20 years old and has just left a re-education center for minors. Arriving in a small town in Poland, Daniel dresses in priestly clothes and claims to be the messenger of the Church. The emergence of a charismatic priest with modern visions is an opportunity for the local community to begin a healing process after a recent tragedy.

A very good film, a little above my expectations, although the script could have been more complex and better thought / presented conflicts. However, it remains a film that I perceived as being about healing through spirituality and at the same time by sharing it without losing the human personality of the one who finds it. I have always agreed that true religion is strictly related to the spiritual side and that only those like the character in this film can feel it in all its power, that is, people with a troubled past who are looking for the opposite.
I liked that it stings both the hypocrisy and the absurdity of the supposed believers and that it goes on the idea of free transmission of spiritual feelings without being part of some conventions.
As for Bartosz Bielenia, he plays a big role, and his story is presented in a rather harsh way and without too much curtain, not in any sermon tone.

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