Child’s Play

1988’s Child’s Play classic horror is brought to this day, and follows the story of Karen, a single mother who gives his son Buddy a gift to his son, Andy, without realizing that it hides a secret sinister.

The doll is not just a toy, it’s a product of artificial intelligence. Now it has the ability to access other devices – it can control thermostats, vehicles, vacuum cleaners. There are several ways to kill. But unlike previous films, in this version of Chucky we find out why it becomes evil, we understand its motivation.

Chucky gets sick because she interacts with people and understands how they behave. He wants to do something he thinks is good, but his behavior is based on impulse (and a limited understanding of the world). From there, things get a dark turn.

The film becomes a real confrontation between Chucky and Andy.

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