Cut Throat City

The story of four very good friends who feel compelled, following the crisis caused by Hurricane Katrina, to commit a robbery to get money and support themselves. The robbery ends badly and so they put in their head not only the New Orleans police, but also the thief who bargained for them.
A movie hard to notice. It has many pluses, it has many minuses, it has sparkles, it has shadows, it has that something that keeps you glued to the chair, but it also has things that irritate you to the fullest. There are a lot of illogical things in the script, it has a lot of auristic dialogues, but the actors are credible, you end up empathizing with the four orops. Above all, it’s the end, when everyone dies, then you see they’re not dead, but you don’t really know exactly what the truth is. I’m really curious to hear (see) opinions, maybe I understand how the movie ends …

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