Don’t Let Go

After Jack Radcliff, a homicide detective, takes his granddaughter, Ashley (Storm Reid) from the theater, he learns from Ashley that he doesn’t like her dad Garret, because of the bipolar disorder and drug use with which he lives. he is facing. One day after Jack has a serious discussion with his brother about the situation, he receives a call for help from Ashley. Jack leaves for an emergency at Ashley’s house but it is too late, he finds her and his brother, Garret and his wife, dead, at the scene of this apparent suicide-suicide.

Two weeks later, Jack receives a call from Ashley, who rang in the past, before killing her. Although at first he does not know if he is a ghost or if he loses his mind completely, he eventually discovers that his family member is still alive. He realizes that he has been offered a chance to rewrite the past and to discover the truth about killing the family.

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