Dream Scenario

What would you do if one day you suddenly appeared in everyone’s dreams?

Nicolas Cage is Paul, an apathetic family man, professor with an affinity for evolutionary biology, anxious about his own anonymity. One day, he discovers that he has started appearing in other people’s dreams at an exponential rate. As in life, his presence in these dreams is trivial and unobtrusive – he is simply there, looking indifferently at the fantasies and nightmares of strangers. However, he becomes an overnight celebrity and is overwhelmed by the attention he has long been denied.

Co-produced by Ari Aster, a consummate alchemist of surreal horror and angsty comedy, Dream Scenario continues as a kind of comedic inversion of A Nightmare on Elm Street, with Paul in the proverbial striped sweater terrorizing the populace, but, here, confronting with reality.

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