Hocus Pocus

Three witches are accidentally brought to life by a boy who tries to impress a girl.

In 1693, the citizens of the town of Salem in Massachusetts go into a frenzy when they discover that three of them – Winifred, Sarah and Mary Sanderson – are witches. Fearing the unclean, the community decides to hang the women. But the witch chief threatens to revive her one day and take revenge. 300 years later, Max, a cynical teenager, is forced to take care of his sister while playing hide-and-seek and is seen by the most popular girl in the class, Allison. To impress her and wash her image, Max takes the girls to the Sanderson sisters’ house where he accidentally brings the witches back to life. Harassment has only one night to refresh its life force – or it will disappear forever. Can children prevent them from fulfilling these naughty goals?

Directed by Kenny Ortega, Hocus Pocus relies heavily on special effects, such as, for example, the talking cat mystic. Thanks to digital technology, the director was able to realize an impressive number of other fascinating visual illusions. To these retinal tricks are added the charms of the protagonists: Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler.

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