“In a trance” tells the story of Daniel Rourke (Ben Affleck), a detective who must unravel a mystery that links his daughter’s disappearance to a secret program that infiltrates new realities into people’s subconscious.

I went to the cinema hoping to see something at least decent and I was a little fooled by the cast, at least Ben Affleck. In the first half of the film, you have the impression that you are watching a parody, which is done with bad intentions to make you laugh, or something like that. After the second half, you understand what is happening and you also understand where they wanted to go with the film and how far they are from what they wanted to achieve. It seemed to me a failed attempt to make a super smart script, but it turned out to be a weak film, with mediocre acting, sub-mediocre dialogue and bland action. If I saw it at home, I probably wouldn’t have stayed to watch it for an hour and a half. As an idea, without giving a spoiler, it seems to me that they wanted to do something like Shutter Island, but much, much weaker. Disappointing

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