INXS: Live Baby Live

INXS, one of the most revered and most emblematic bands in the world, held the concert of their life in London on Wembley Stadium on Saturday, July 13, 1991, for 74,000 fans in delirium. After a decade and a half on the road, the band was at the peak of the force in terms of live shows. The show filmed that day shows that they were not just a world-class band filling an entire stadium, but the only band that ever had the courage to go on stage at Wembley in front of 74,000 people and perform. your own intro.

The band had over 2,000 shows before the untimely death of singer Michael Hutchence 22 years ago, but the Wembley show was THE ONE. INXS delivered hit after hit in front of a delusional audience for almost two hours. Not only was the band in great shape, but so was the audience, and everyone knew this was the show of their lives. Moreover, there were no screens, no birds, no other singers, no props and no cell phones – just six guys who sang as if their life depended on this show.

Released in cinemas in 2019, this movie version has been carefully restored over a period of twelve months, from the original 35 movie, to 4K Ultra HD.

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