Just My Type

Vanessa Sills (Bethany Joy Lenz) is a journalist who gets the chance to talk to Martin Clayborne (Brett Dalton), a highly regarded author. Even if the meeting doesn’t start right, Vanessa manages to see beyond appearances and discovers that she wants more than just an interview. The first Hallmark movie of 2020 this year and the first for me this year on Diva, a different story, drama I can say, romantic was not but pleasant to watch, not really typical Hallmark, both good actors, I especially like Brett Dalton but and Bethany. Between the characters there is a mature relationship without conflicts and many differences or detours. I can say that it is good to watch in the evening or on a weekend day, I liked it but not extremely, it still deserves a grade of 7 for the different story, the actors and the different action, somewhat nice.

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