Like a Boss

Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish are the protagonists of the comedy Like a Boss, in which the two, friends of a lifetime, together have a cosmetics company. One is pragmatic, the other only wants money and a pampering life. When the company starts losing money, however, the two are looking for a solution to get out of the deadlock. Only now the friendship between two completely opposite wires will be put to the test.

What does it mean to take your family, your home? All this you will find them watching an exceptional comedy that will describe your foreheads and make you laugh with your mouth to your ears.
Congratulations to director Miguel Arteta for distribution and especially for the humorous black-and-white, blond-brunette couple, Rose Byrne-Tiffany Haddish. The latter plays great so that at the end of the movie you come to take it home to make you laugh non-stop. To them is added a Salma Hayek in the note that has accustomed us in the comedies played over the years as well as Billy Porter known in the American series Pose.
A sensation comedy about the world of cosmetics in which you laugh with your mouth to your ears and in which Billy Porter has a scene that will remain a reference, the one where at the restaurant table he is informed that he has been fired. An unmissable movie with a Haddish in a big day game.

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